YUI Calendar: Popup Calendar

Setting up the Calendar

Calendar can be positioned absolutely to make it float above the document, and it provides a few extra configuration properties specifically geared towards applying it in this way. Those properties are:

  • close - Indicates whether or not a close icon should be displayed in the Calendar. Defaults to false.
  • iframe - Indicates whether or not an IFRAME shim should be placed under the Calendar to avoid the bleed-through of "select" elements in IE6 and below. Defaults to true for IE6 and below, when the Calendar is positioned absolutely or relatively.

In addition, the Calendar provides show and hide methods for displaying the Calendar or hiding it from view. This is achieved by setting the Calendar's outer container to display:none.

In this tutorial, we will create a Calendar and a CalendarGroup which can be displayed by clicking a corresponding button. First, the Calendar and CalendarGroup are instantiated using some of the new properties that were introduced in this tutorial.

Next, we place the markup for the buttons that will invoke the Calendar and CalendarGroup, along with the container div elements that are required for each.