YUI Container: SimpleDialog Quickstart

Setting up the SimpleDialog

The SimpleDialog component is an extension of Dialog that reproduces the behavior of a simple dialog box (but without using an actual browser popup window); its primary use is to elicit binary decisions from the user (yes/no, okay/cancel, etc.). SimpleDialog makes it easy to implement this kind of interaction. In this tutorial, we will create a SimpleDialog with "Yes"/"No" choices, and display an alert if the user clicks "Yes".

SimpleDialog defines two new properties:

  1. icon: defines which of six standard icons will be displayed in the SimpleDialog;
  2. text: used to specify a small amount of text to display in the SimpleDialog.

The "buttons" property is inherited from Dialog, and uses the same familiar array-of-object literals syntax as demonstrated in the following constructor:

Next, we'll define the handlers for our buttons. Clicking "Yes" will cause an alert to be displayed, whereas the "No" button will simply dismiss the SimpleDialog: