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2015 / 5


Common Problems of Nature Management

Ecosystem Approach for an Integrated Environmental engIneering in the Watershed of the Transboundary River Talas

L.V. Kireycheva, Dr.Sc. (Engin.), the All-Russian Research Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Reclamation, J.S. Mustafaev, Dr.Sc. (Engin.), A.T. Kozykeeva, Dr.Sc. (Engin.), N.A. Tursynbaev, Doctoral Candidate, the Taraz State University (Republic of Kazakhstan)

The structure of the energy flows within the basin of transboundary river Talas which belongs to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan is considered. Ratio of different kinds of energy enables to estimate natural capital and energy resources to provide ecological services when creating high efficient agro-landscape systems in the frame of republican and administrative divisions. The obtained results providing evaluation of the actual condition of the energy status of the Talas river basin both in natural conditions and in the case of man’s impact can be used to rationalize structure of the energy flows in the well-balanced natural potential to create high-efficient agro-landscape systems.

Keywords: basin, watershed, landscape, integrated environmental engineering, energy, productivity, sustainability, natural capital, ecological service.

Mineral Resources

Problems of Legislative Support of Mineral Resources Management

V.I. Kashin, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Committee on Natural Resources Management, Environment and Ecology, the State Duma

Based on materials from the speech of the Chair’s Committee on Natural Resources Management, Environment and Ecology, the State Duma, Vladimir Ivanovich Kashin at the meeting of the expanded board of the Ministry of Russia March 27, 2015.

Keywords: mineral resources base, legislative support, exploration, reserves, production, investments.

Water Resources

Basics of the Methodology of the System Analysis Natural and Technical sysTems for the use of Water Resources

V.A. Volosuhin, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Engin.), the Institute of Safety Hydroengineering Structure, V.L. Bondarenko, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Engin.), the Department of Technospheric Safety and Environmental Management, the Don State Agrarian University

In work the system analysis of use of water resources in natural and technogenic systems in the European territory of the South of Russia is considered.

Keywords: natural and technical systems, water resources, system analysis, environment, modeling of system.

Land Resources and Soils

Methods of Valuation of the Damage Caused by Pollution of Soil and Land, Destruction and Damage to the Soil and the Loss of Soil Fertility

O.E. Medvedeva, Prof.-Dr.SC. (Economy), the State University of Management, A.S. Yakovlev, Prof.-Dr.SC. (Biology), the Department of Soil Science, the Moscow State University

The article is devoted to the issues of valuation of environmental damage caused by the destruction and degradation of soil. Soil is proposed as an economic asset and use valuation of them as a tool for conservation of soil resources. Shows the main shortcomings of the current methodology for assessing the damage caused by the soil. The authors propose an alternative option valuation of the damage and costs of lost components of soil fertility.

Keywords: soil, soil fertile, valuation, environmental damage, damage caused by soil.

Forest Resources


T.P. Sadovnikova, Can. Sc. (Biology), the Foundation «Infosphere», E.V. Nesina, the Institute of Forestry and Forestry Mechanization (VNIILM), V.A. Voitovich, Can. Sc. (Engin.), the Nizhny Novgorod State Architecture and Construction University (NNGASU)

The article deals with the use of injectable treatments for the protection of coniferous and deciduous trees from pests. The use of injection as an environmentally safe method for prevention and extermination treatment of trees in forests, parks and gardens has been proposed. The article describes the advantages of injection over conventional chemical treatments by spraying and dusting. The conclusion about the appropriateness of injection treatment in a comprehensive system for the protection of forests, gardens and parks has been made.

Keywords: forest, injections, trees, prevention, stem pests.

Biological Resources of Water

Problems of Preservation of Sturgeon in Volga-Caspian Basin (The continuous of the article. The beginning in bulletin № 4, 2015)

N.G. Rybalsky, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Biology), NIA-Priroda

In the article there is analyzes the main factors influencing the decline in sturgeon Volga-Caspian Basin, including the destruction of natural spawning grounds due to dams regulating the flow of the Volga River, the pollution of the Volga and Caspian Sea, sea level fluctuations, poaching. Also there is consider in retrospect the measures taken, including fish passages dams, canals, fish passes, harvesting regime, reclamation activities, industrial reproduction of sturgeon hatcheries. Formed a set of proposals for the conservation of sturgeon of the Volga-Caspian Basin.

Keywords: sturgeon, the Volga River, the Caspian Sea, preservation, reproduction, poaching, water pollution, level of the Caspian Sea, regulation of runoff.

Climatic Resources

The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources and the Hydrological Regime of the Rivers of the Russian Federation

V.Y. Georgievskiy, Dr.Sc. (Geograp.), the State Hydrological Institute, N.I. Koronkevich, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Geograp.), the Institute of Geography, the Russian Academy of Sciences, N.I. Alekseevskiy , Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Geograp.), the Moscow State University

This article was prepared on the basis of the plenary report at the VII All-Russian Hydrological Congress (November 19- 21, 2013, St.-Petersburg).

Keywords: water resources, hydrology, hydrological regime of the rivers, the variability of river flows, water balance.

Recreational Resources and Special Protected Natural Territories

The Content of Pollutants in Soils and Vegetation in the Biosphere Reserves

T.A. Paramonova, Can.Sc. (Biology), the Department of Soil Science, the Moscow State University, Y.A. Buivolov, Can.Sc. (Biology), V.U. Vertyankina, S.G. Paramonov, Can.Sc. (Biology), L.V. Burtseva, Can.Sc. (Phys.-Mathem.), M.I. Afanasyev, Can.Sc. (Chemist.), B.V. Pastuhov, the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology, the Roshydromet and the Russian Academy of Sciences

The article provides an analysis of long-term regular observations of trace metals (lead, cadmium, copper), benzo(a) pyrene and organochlorine pesticides (DDT, γ-HCH) in soils and vegetation in the biosphere reserves, where stations of integrated background monitoring are situated. Showing changes in the concentrations of pollutants in the period from 1980 to 2014.

Keywords: soil, vegetation, contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, benzo(a)pyrene, biosphere reserves, background monitoring.

Environmental Protection

Environmental Problems in the Construction of Major Transport Transitions (for example Nevelskiy and the Kerch Straits) (The continuous of the article. The beginning in bulletin № 4, 2015)

V.I. Afanasiev, Can. Sc (Geograp.), the Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics , the Far Eastern Branch, the Russian Academy of Sciences, E.I. Ignatov, Prof.-Doc. Sc (Geograp.), the Department of Geoecology and Nature Management, the Branch of the Moscow State University (Sevastopol) , S.V. Chistov, Can. Sc. (Geograp.), the Geographical Faculty, the Moscow State University, N.F. Tkachenko, Doc. Sc (Engin.), the Council on the Development of Productive Forces (SOPS), the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Russian Academy of Sciences

In the article the authors presented some proposals to solve specific environmental problems on the example of two quite distinct from other regions, for which Russia has accumulated a number of variants of design solutions. First of all, this is the area of the Nevelskiy Strait, where it is planned to organize a permanent transport crossing from the mainland to Sakhalin island, as well as transport artery connecting the new Federal district of Russia – Crimea with the Krasnodar territory. Defined tasks for ecologists on the choice of informed variant that minimize environmental losses by ensuring the necessary conditions for trouble-free operation of the systems being created engineering structures.

Keywords: transport transition, design, analysis of ecosystems, environmental issues, criteria, recommendation.

Geodesy and Cartography

Ranking of the Coastal Cities of the Crimea on the Basis of Environmental Indicators

E.I. Ignatov, Prof.-D.Sc. (Geograp.), E.V. Yaseneva, Can.Sc. (Geograp.), I.A. Yaseneva, the Branch of the Moscow State University (Sevastopol)

Resort and therapeutic purposes have a number of specific characteristics, which are primarily determined by natural-resource potential and the conditions of its development, which determines their function and specialization. The state of environment is a factor contributing to development of recreation and spa treatment, and consequently the development of resorts and recreational facilities, thus necessitating the development of the environmental component of sustainable development indicator.

Keywords: Crimea, sustainable development, indicators of sustainable development, ecology, coastal territory of the Crimea.


In the Presidential Administration

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To the 100 Anniversary of Academician G.V. Dobrovolskiy

International Cooperation

Recommendation of the XXI International Scientific and Practical Conference «Education for Sustainable Development: Theory, Pedagogical Innovation and Reality» (June 25-26, 2015, Moscow)

Human Society and Nature

Ecological Values and Ecological Behavior in a Risk Society (The continuous of the article. The beginning in bulletin № 4, 2015)

I.A. Sosunova, Prof.-Dr.Sc (Sociolog.), the Vice-President, the Russian Society of Sociologists, L.G. Titarenko, Prof.-Dr.Sc (Sociolog.), the Belarusian State University

The article is devoted to main aspects of ecological behavior formation, including a role of ecological values. The results of empirical sociological research are presented.

Keywords: ecological behavior, ecological values, risk society, sustainable development.

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