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2015 / 2

Вид издания:  Сборник статей

Год издания:  2015

№2 2015


Common Problems of Nature Management

Secondary Resources and Facilities

B.N. Luzgin, Dr. Sc. (Geograph.), Can. Sc. (Geology), the Altai State University

Traditionally, secondary resources are products obtained from waste production of primary natural resources resulting from the recovery of valuable components by improving existing technologies. Due the ever increasing volume of utilized potential of natural resources offered the option of significant expansion of the concepts of secondary resources, with a revision of their classification basis.

Keywords: natural resources, natural resource genetic complex, secondary resources, resources recycling, the residual resources, resuscitation resources.

Mineral Resources

Reduction of Harmful Effects on the Environment of Drill Cuttings for Oil in the Black Sea

S.I. Rubtsova, Can.Sc. (Biology), M.V. Nacheva, I.L. Prygunova, Can.Sc. (Geograph.), the Institute of Natural and Technical Systems, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Crimean Branch, the Russian Ecological Academy

In the paper the topicality of drilled solids utilization problem is justified. The recycling methods typing and the comparative characteristics of these methods are presented. The best way method of drilled solids recycling during the oil production on the Black Sea shelf from environmental and economical points of view has been chosen.

Keywords: oil pollution, drilling silt, recycling, disposal methods, environment, heat treatment, the Black Sea.

Water Resources

Watering Releases in the Moscow Region as Part of the Water-economical balance of the Territory

V.I. Kleypov, Dr.Sc. (Engin.), the Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Agricultural Academy, the Institute of Nature Arrangement, I.N. Ragulina, the Kursk Institute of Education Development

There are done analysis watering releases in river beds and in the downstream waterworks, which are carried out in the regulation of river flow by reservoirs. Watering releases are seen as an integral part of the water balance in the example of the Moscow region.

Keywords: river flow, watering releases, the reservoir, the system of reservoirs, water supply, the Moscow region.

Land Resources and Soils

Analysis of the Influence of Technological Modes of Production Technologies of Land Management, Cadastre and Monitoring of Lands in Russia and China

A.P. Sizov, Prof.-Dr. Sc. (Engin.), F.A. Korablin, Z.S. Kosаrukov, M.S. Chuprin, the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK)

Technology land management, cadastre and monitoring of lands in Russia and China (countries, largely define the image nearest future) develop abruptly in accordance with the formation of new technological modes of production. It is noted uneven progress in the development of the inventory within the technological structures that is due to differences in the relevance of the problem guarantees of the rights to real estate and taxation in different social settings, regardless of the technology and the complexity of the system functioning of the cadastral account. Outline priority objectives of management of land and property ownership, which should be solved in the short term within 5-6 technological structures.

Keywords: land administration, cadastre, land monitoring, technological modes of production, registration and control of land and property ownership.

Forest Resources

Forest Resources in the System of Environment and Economic Accounting in Russia

A.D. Dumnov, Dr.Sc. (Economy), the National Information Agency «Natural Resources» (NIA-Priroda)

The article examines main approaches and questions of the reflection of forest resources (forest wood, timber) as part of complex System of environmental and economic accounting, SEEA, is the development of a common system of national accounting, SNA, in relation to the natural resources, natural resources use and environmental protection. In the most detailed degree studied the provisions of international standard – Central Framework SEEA in version 2012. There are critically analyzed and discussed the possibility of using these provisions in the conditions of the Russian Federation, including the account of assets of forest wood, solving the problem of the valuation of the relevant resources, etc.

Keywords: system of national accounting (SNA), System of environmental and economic accounting (SEEA), SEEA Central Framework-2012, biological assets, forest timber (standing timber), assets balance, valuation of forest timber, discount rate, method of the net present value (NPV), forest management.


Current State of an Assessment of Rare and Endangered Species of Plants and Animals

A.A. Prisyazhnaya, V.V. Snakin, V.R. Khrisanov, G.V. Mitenko, the Institute of Basic Biological Problems, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Moscow State University (the Earth Science Museum), Presidium of the Russian Ecological Academy

In article the history of creation of Red Data Books of world, federal and regional value is briefly stated. The assessment of rare and endangered species for animals, plants and mushrooms in subjects of the Russian Federation is analyzed. The comparative analysis of distribution of endangered species by their quantities, categories of rare status and major groups of organisms is carried out. The comparative assessment of the Russian list of rare species with the IUCN Red List is given.

Keywords: Russian Federation Red Data Book, IUCN Red List, list of rare and endangered species, categories of rare status.

Climatic Resources

The Results of the Activities of Roshydromet in 2014

A.V. Frolov, Can.Sc. (Geofraph.), the Head, the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet)

Report of the Head of the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring A.V. Frolov at the extended meeting of the Board of Roshydromet and the Central Committee of the All-Russian Trade Union of aviation workers (February 26, 2015, Moscow), which summed up the results of activity of the Hydrometeorological Service of Russia for 2014 and defined the priorities of its development in 2015.

Keywords: hydro-meteorological forecasts, severe weather events, monitoring network, monitoring of environmental pollution, scientific research, international cooperation.

Environmental Protection

Polyfunctional Rural Settlements («Ecovillages») – an Alternative to a Life-threatening Urbanization

M.J. Lemeshev, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Economy), the Academician, the Academy of Natural Sciences

In the article the author’s project of creating a multifunctional rural settlements - ecological villages, is a system of human settlement in urban areas, and in his native land, for centuries providing benefits to human life - in harmony with nature.

Keywords: ecologization (greening) and urbanization, state and liberalism, planned and market collectivism and egoism, development and growth, ecological village.

Geodesy and Cartography

Medical and Socio-ecological Monitoring of Sevastopol

E.I. Ignatov, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Geograph.), E.V. Yaseneva, Can.Sc. (Geograph.), I.A. Yaseneva, the Department of Geoecology and Nature use, the Branch of the Moscow State University (in Sevastopol), the Crimean Branch, the Russian Ecological Academy

The development of urbanization in most cases leads to negative environmental impacts: pollution, uncontrolled growth of production and consumption waste, degradation of vegetation and, as a consequence - the deterioration of the health of the population living in urban areas. The continuing decline in the comfort of the living environment requires the development of operational methods to quantify its condition.

Keywords: environment, human health, environmental monitoring, environmental situation, the analysis of the environmental health situation, the incidence of children.


In the Presidential Administration

In the Federal Assembly

In the Government



To the 85th Anniversaries of the Academician Yuri Antonievich Izrael

National Treasure of Russia

A.P. Sadchikov, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Biology), the Moscow State University

The Moscow Society of Researchers of Nature (MOIP) was founded in 1805 at Moscow University. The connection of the society with the Moscow University never ceased. MOIP is the oldest scientific society in Russia, and one of the oldest scientific societies in the world. MOIP has 210-year history. During this history, MOIP together with Russia came through years of wars and revolutions, through times of economical rise, through good and bad times.

Keywords: MOIP, oldest society in Russia, the Moscow University, science, education, scientific journal, scientific societies, natural sciences, library, popular science, ecology, nature conservation, scientific expeditions.

International Cooperation

International Experience in Restructuring and Environmental Safety of Industrial and Urban

I.K. Iajlev, the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU)

The experience of a redevelopment and revolving of environmental problems of industrial territories in large cities is investigated. Introduction of the best accessible technologies, innovative manufactures, use of the high technology hi-tech equipment, qualitative change of infrastructural maintenance is necessary. Quality of actions for ecological restoration of the polluted territories should provide their use under the city purposes, administrative and housing building. There are considered the legislative problems, practice of creation of effective mechanisms of redevelopment and subsequent use of the industrial zones in town-planning activity.

Keywords: industrial zones, redevelopment of industrial territories, ecological restoration, preservation of the environment.

Human Society and Nature

The Results of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development and Objectives of Environmental Education in Russia

S.A. Stepanov, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Pedagog.), the International Independent Ecological-Political University (the Academy MNEPU), Presidium of the Russian Ecological Academy

In the article research the educational aspects and environmental culture for Government politic of environment development Russia on period to 2030 year.

Keywords: decade, sustainable development, environmental culture, educational aspects, environmental politic.

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