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2015 / 1

Вид издания:  Сборник статей

Год издания:  2015


Common Problems of Nature Management

Characteristics of Natural Resource Potential the Far East of Russia

G.G. Tkachenko, Can.Sc. (Geograp.), the Pacific Institute of Geography, the Far East Board, the Russian Academy of Sciences

The paper presents the main characteristics of natural resources and the state of the natural resource potential of the Far East of Russia.

Keywords: natural resources, natural resource potential, the Far East, mineral resources, energy, water resources, land resources, forest resources, aquatic resources.

Mineral Resources

The Role of Groundwater in Water Resources in Western Dvina River Basin (The continuous of the article. The beginning in bulletin № 6, 2014)

I.S. Zektser, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Geology), O.A. Karimova, Can.Sc. (Geology), the Water Problems Institute, the Russian Academy of Sciences, M.M. Cherepansky, Dr.Sc. (Geology), the Russian Geological Prospecting University, N.M. Tomina, the Institute for Nature Management, the National Academy of Sciences, Belarus

The article deals with the evaluation of the role of groundwater discharge in water resources of the river basin of Western Dvina. It is shown that the main factors influencing the formation conditions of groundwater discharge are primarily climatic, geomorphologic, hydrological and hydrogeological conditions of the region. The article also shows that the assessment of formation of groundwater discharge into the rivers is carried out by determining the range of participation of main aquifers. The groundwater withdrawal influences the changing of groundwater flow discharging into the river too.

Keywords: groundwater discharge, river runoff, module of groundwater flow, coefficient of the groundwater river recharge, water balance.

Water Resources

Realization SKIOVO – Solution of the Crucial Problems of the Amur Basin

N.N. Bortin, Dr.Sc. (Geograp.), the Far-Eastern branch, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Russian Scientific Research Institute of Complex Use and Protection of Water Objects»

In the article on example the Amur basin (Russian part) describes the basic indicators and targets to implement the activities of the federal target program «Development of water management complex of the Russian Federation in 2012-2020 years» and the Water Strategy of the Russian Federation for the period till 2020 year. A list of programmed events SKIOVO (schemes of complex use and protection of water bodies) to address the key problems of the Amur basin, including the minimization of damage from flooding and pollution of water objects.

Keywords: river Amur basin, floods, damage from flooding, water quality, water economy sector, construction (objects) for protection, water objects, waste water, flow regulation.

Land Resources and Soils

State, Rational Use and Protection of Land (Soil) Resources in Russia (The continuous of the article. The beginning in bulletin № 6, 2014)

A.L. Ivanov, the Academician, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Soil Science Institute (RAS)

This article was prepared based on the title report of the Academician A.L. Ivanov at the First All-Russian Public Meeting «Soil and Land Resources: Status, Evaluation and Use» (October 8-10, the Soil Science Institute, Moscow). The short version of this report was published in the newspaper «Prirodno-Resursnie Vedomosty», № 8-9, 2014 too.

Keywords: soil, soil resources, land resources, soil protection, sustainable use of soil resources.

Forest Resources

Forest Resources in the System of Environment and Economic Accounting in Russia

A.D. Dumnov, Dr.Sc. (Economy), the National Information Agency «Natural Resources» (NIA-Priroda)

The article examines main approaches and questions of the reflection of forest resources (forest wood, timber) as part of complex System of environmental and economic accounting, SEEA, is the development of a common system of national accounting, SNA, in relation to the natural resources, natural resources use and environmental protection. In the most detailed degree studied the provisions of international standard – Central Framework SEEA in version 2012. There are critically analyzed and discussed the possibility of using these provisions in the conditions of the Russian Federation, including the account of assets of forest wood, solving the problem of the valuation of the relevant resources, etc.

Keywords: system of national accounting (SNA), System of environmental and economic accounting (SEEA), SEEA Central Framework-2012, biological assets, forest timber (standing timber), assets balance, valuation of forest timber, discount rate, method of the net present value (NPV), forest management.


Analysis of the Global Dynamics of Biodiversity

V.V. Snakin, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Biology), the Institute of Basic Biological Problems, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Moscow State University (the Earth Sciences Museum), the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Ecology

As the cause of the mass (global) extinctions in the history of the Earth’s biosphere is considered geodynamics – the movement of continents, resulting in the lithosphere plates move across the surface of the Earth, periodically unite and form a supercontinent and even a single continent (at different times Monogeya, Metageya, Mezogeya, Pangeya). At the same time removed geographical barriers, climate changed, reducing the number of ecological niches, leading to a sharp decline in species diversity (mass extinctions) confirms paleontological data. Then subsequent differences continental plates, geographic isolation led to a new round of evolution and increased diversity at a new level. Contemporary processes of globalization also lead to a decrease in the role of geographic isolation and thus to a reduction of biodiversity, possibly before the start of a new round of evolution in expanding beyond the biosphere of the Earth.

Keywords: biodiversity, geodynamics, continental drift, globalization, climate change, mass extinctions of species, geographical barriers, the evolution of the biosphere.

Recreational Resources and Special Protected Natural Areas

Legal Issues of the Biodiversity Conservation in the Valdai National Park

V.S. Gruzdev, D.Sc. (Geograph.), the Department of Construction, L.P. Gruzdeva, D.Sc. (Biology), the Department of Agriculture and Plant-growing, the State University of Land Management, I.A. Sinyanskiy, Can.Sc. (Engin.), Department of Economics and Property Management, the Russian State University of Justice

One of the most important tasks of our time is the conservation of biological diversity as a basis for sustainable development of civilization. The article discusses the possibilities for conservation of biodiversity, provide the legal framework of Russia by the selection of protected areas. An example of such site is the Valdai national Park, located in the East of the Novgorod region. The creation of a national Park allows you to solve the issues of preservation of rare and endangered species and to create conditions for recreation by zoning and the introduction of restrictions on land use, depending on the zone.

Keywords: biodiversity, the Valdai National Park, protected area, specially protected area, recreation area, a zone controlled use, area of services for visitors, species richness, flora and fauna.

Environmental Protection

Rating of Environmental Responsibility of Oil and Gas Companies, Operating in Russia

E.A. Shvarts, Dr.Sc. (Geograp.), the Director of Conservation Policy, A.Yu. Kniznikov, the Head of the Program for Environment Policy in the Power Generation and Extractive Industry, World Wide Fund - Russia, A.M. Pakhalov, leading specialist, the National Rating Agency

The study aims to provide a comparative assessment of environmental responsibility of oil and gas companies operating in Russia. There is based on a comprehensive analysis of qualitative and quantitative corporate indicators in three areas: environmental management, environmental impact and information disclosure. Results of the rating indicate a high differentiation among Russian companies in terms of environmental responsibility and transparency. Top positions are occupied by large public companies, which pay a special attention to natural gas in their strategies. Non-public private oil companies and some subsidiaries (affiliated companies) of Russian and foreign corporations are among the outsiders - the level of transparency does not meet the standards of general corporations.

Keywords: oil and gas industry, environmental responsibility, rating, environmental management, environmental impact, disclosure of information, non-financial reporting.

Climatic Resources

Climate Change and its Consequences in the Russian Federation (The continuous of the article. The beginning in bulletin № 4–6, 2014)

V.M. Kattsov, Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Mat.), the Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory, S.M. Semenov, Dr.Sc. (Phys.-Mat.), the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology, Roshydromet nd the Russian Academy of Sciences, A.V. Frolov, Can.Sc. (Geograp.), Roshydromet

The article presents the main results of «The Second Assessment Report on Climate Change and its Consequences in the Russian Federation» prepared large by a team of leading scientists and specialists of scientist institutions of Roshydromet, the Russian Academy of Sciences and higher educational institutions.

Keywords: climate change, temperature, atmospheric condensation, atmospheric circulation, impact of climate change, permafrost, adaptation.


In the Presidential Administration

In the Federal Assembly

In the Government



To the 85th Anniversaries of Nikolay Pavlovich Laveyrov

Regional Events

The Ecological Footprint of the City of Moscow

P.A. Boev, the Program «Green Economy», World Wide Fund – Russia

The article presents data on the Footprint of Moscow and in the context of how the subjects of the Russian Federation, and some of the largest cities in the world.

Keywords: ecological footprint, Moscow region, Russia, city, biocapacity.

Human Society and Nature

Global Challenges of the Sustainable Development

A.N. Chumakov, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Philosop.), the Department of Philosophy, the University of Finance of the Russian Government, the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Ecology

This article from the perspective of global studies and philosophy discussed the idea of sustainable development of relations between society and nature.

Keywords: sustainable development, globalization, the noosphere, nature, society.

Spiritually-moral Education of Students in the Context of the Ecological Paradigm of Modern Education

N.F. Vinokurova, Prof.-Dr.Sc (Pedagog.), N.V. Martilova, Can.Sc. (Pedagog.), The Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University

The article is devoted to peculiarities of spiritually-moral education of pupils in the school environmental education on the basis of cultural, humanistic, environmental, competence, and personal-active, integrative, spatial and temporal approaches.

Keywords: moral education, moral-environmental imperative, ecological culture, cultural-ecological approach, the idea of co-evolution and the noosphere.

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