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2014 / 1

Вид издания:  Сборник статей

Год издания:  2014


General Problems of Nature Management

Results of operations for the RPN 2013 and tasks for 2014

V.V. Kirillov, Cand. Sc. (Sociol.), the Head, the Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service (Rosprirodnadzor)

There is the Report of the Head of the Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service (Rosprirodnadzor) V.V. Kirillov on an extended hardware meeting on summarizing the work of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, the Russian Federation, and subordinate federal services and agencies in 2013 and tasks for 2014 (January 23, 2014, Moscow).

Keywords: environmental management, environmental protection, control and supervision, state environmental expertise, payment for the negative impact on the environment, Rosprirodnadzor.

Water Resources

About the system analysis of payment water use in Russia: some actual aspects (The end of the article. The beginning in bulletin № 5-6, 2013)

A.D. Dumnov, Dr. Sc. (Economy), the National Information Agency «Natural Resources», A.A. Komyagina, the Federal Water Resources Agency

In the system of organization and management tools to improve environmental protection and use of natural resources (especially water resources) a key position now held by economic methods. This includes a wide range of activities: from the introduction and regulation of charges for use of natural resources to the budget transfers to the relevant needs, from the accelerated depreciation of environmentally friendly/environmental protection fixed assets to total or partial repayment of interest on the target bank loans. The role of statistics and conducted on the basis of its estimates in determining the necessary parameters of payments is extremely high.

Keywords: economics of water use, water tax, charges for water use, payments for negative impact on water resources, preferential taxes, charges and payments, impact of taxes, charges and payments to improve efficiency of water use and protection of water resources.

Flood protection - integrated management of rivers Amur basin

V.I. Gotvanskiy, Cand. Sc. (Geogr), S.E. Sirotskiy, Cand. Sc. (Biology), the Interregional Center for Environmental Monitoring of Reservoirs, the Institute of Water and Ecological Problems, the Far Eastern Branch, the Russian Academy of Sciences

The article examines approaches to solving problems dealing with integrated water resource management, protection of lands and settlements from floods. Options are considered for constructing hydraulic structures on the tributaries of the Amur River, which can solve both problems of integrated management and simultaneous generation of power in the region. Reasons against implementation of Selemdzha, Shilka, and Bolshaya Ussurka hydro power plants construction projects are given based on socio-economic and environmental criteria.

Keywords: flood protection, comprehensive utilization and protection of water resources, management of river flows, the Amur River basin, construction of hydraulic structures, new hydroelectric plants projects.

Land Resources and Soils

Assessment of the damage/harm from pollution and degradation of soil and land on the territory of Moscow railway facilities

A.O. Makarov, E.V. Bondarenko, the postgraduates, A.O. Makarov, Prof.-Dr. Sc. (Biology), the Department of Land Resources and Soil Assessment, Soil Science Faculty, the Moscow State University

The actual problems of comparative assessment of environmental damage/harm from pollution and degradation of railway facilities, located in the Central Administrative District of Moscow were consider, as well as a guide for adjusting techniques to assess damage caused to the environment.

Keywords: damage/harm, pollution and degradation, techniques to assess damage, heavy metals, urban soils, railway facilities.

Forest Resources

On forests and forestry in the Russian Federation

A.I. Pisarenko, the Academician, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the Russian Society of Foresters, V.V. Strahov, Dr. Sc. (Agricul.), All-Russian Research Institute for Forestry and Mechanization (VNIILM), the Federal Agency on Forestry (Rosleshoz)

The article examines the role of forests, their biosphere functions, protection and reproduction of forests, the current situation on the state forestry efficiency of the Russian forest sector, problems of forest management. There are given concrete proposals for improving forest law, the challenges of development the country’s forestry economics, creating an ecosystem forestry and sustainable forest governance in the subjects of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: the role of forests, ecosystem role biosphere functions, security, protection and reproduction of forests, forest management and forest legislation.

Water Biological Resources

Actual problems of conservation and use of marine biological resources

P.A. Balykin, Dr. Sc. (Biology), the Southern Scientific Centre, the Russian Academy of Sciences, A.I. Boltnev, the All Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO)

The methodology and organization of fisheries research were discussed in this article. It were expressed the need to improve compliance requirements of resource research methods. There are proposals to change the principles of the organization and financing of resource studies, as well as proposals to change the guidelines for the preparation of forecasts of total allowable catches living aquatic resources.

Keywords: fisheries, stock assessment, methods and organization studies.

Climatic Resources

Results of activity of the Roshydromet in 2013

A.V. Frolov, Can. Sc. (Geogr.), the Head, the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet)

There is the Report of Head of the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet) A.V. Frolov at the enlarged meeting of the Roshydromet Board and the Executive Committee of the Central Committee of the All- Russian Trade Union of Aviation Workers (February 26, 2014, Moscow), which summarized the activities of the Hydrometeorological Service of Russia in 2013 and set priorities for its development in 2014.

Keywords: hydrometeorological forecasts, hazards (dangerous) weather events, monitoring network, environmental pollution monitoring, scientific research, international cooperation.

Recreational Resources

Interaction of protected areas and the public: Russian and foreign experience

N.R. Danilina, Environmental Education Center «Zapovedniki», the Public Chamber, the Russian Federation

This article was done on materials performance at 29 meeting of the Permanent Seminar at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation on the theme: «Practice, Problems and Prospects of special protected natural areas of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation» (Brest).

Keywords: protected areas, nature reserves (zapovedniki), national parks, protected areas system civil society, the public.

Environmental Protection

Strategic environmental assessment of regional programs and projects of development and transportation of hydrocarbons – a key factor in the implementation of international standards

A.Y. Knizhnikov, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Russia, S.N. Golubchicov, Cand. Sc. (Geogr.), the International Independent University of Environmental and Political Sciences (Academy MNEPU), Y.B. Zaitseva, the Deputy of the Head, the All Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO)

In the article the possible impacts due to port Sabetta development are considered. This port is planning to export LNG (liquefied natural gas), but serious dragging work in Ob river is needed that could cause impact on fish stocks. The recommendations are made to consider alternatives and initiate environmental monitoring program.

Keywords: YmalLNG-project, Ob river «mouth», Sabetta port, dragging, environmental impacts, fish stocks, minimization measures.

Geodesy and Cartography

The interpretation of Vaygach Island satellite images to identify current landscape state and create a prognosis of their possible dynamics (The end of the article. The beginning in bulletin № 6, 2013)

I.A. Miklyaev, FGU «Aqwainfoteca», I.M. Miklyaeva, Can.Sc. (Geogr.), the Geographical Faculty, the Moscow State University, A.A. Aleynikov, Can.Sc. (Geogr.), ITC «ScanEks», A.M. Aleynikova, Can.Sc. (Geogr.), the Ecological Faculty, RUDN, O.N. Lipka, Can.Sc. (Geogr.), the World Wildlife Fund (WWF Russia)

The satellite images interpretation of Vaygach Island was done to examine the current state of its landscapes and identify among them those in which destructive processes can be activated as a result of global warming. Research objectives included the development and preparation of medium-sized (1:250 000) maps series: geomorphological structure of the island, vegetation and landscapes. Mapping was based on analysis of literature data, topographic maps and visual interpretation of multi-channel satellite images Landsat-5 in the scale of mapping.

Keywords: Vaygach Island, multi-channel satellite images Landsat-5, medium-scale mapping, geomorphological structure, vegetation, landscapes.


In the Presidential Administration

In the Federal Assembly

In the Government



85 years Academician A.I. Pisarenko

9 February the 85th anniversary of the President of the Russian Society of Foresters, Academician of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (RAAS) Anatoly Ivanovich Pisarenko.

Human Society and Nature

«Society-nature» conflict and perspectives of design development (expert survey)

Sosunova I. A., Prof.-Dr. Sc. (Sociol.), the Deputy Director, the Russian Research Institute for Industrial Design, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Russian Federation

This articles focuses on the issues of development of new area of design – ecodesign. Perspectives of ecodesign’s adaptation for resolution of contradictions between natural and artificial objective-dimensional environment.

Keywords: ecodesign, socium, nature, objective-dimensional environment.

Third National Conference on Environmental Education

N.G. Rybalskiy, Dr. Sc. (Biology), NIA-Priroda

In this article is provided information on the Third All-Russian Conference on Environmental Education (November 7–8, 2013, Moscow), organized by the International Environmental Non-Governmental Organization «Greenlight» and Non-Governmental Ecological Foundation named after V.I. Vernadsky, with the support of the Ministry of Nature Resources and Ecology, the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education and Sciences, the Russian Federation, the State Duma Committee for Science and High Technology, the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology, the MNEPU Academy, the Russian National Public Library, etc.

Keywords: environmental education, sustainable development, continuous environmental education.

Presentation of the National Environmental Award

December 24, 2013 in Moscow President Hotel hosted a ceremony of awarding the winners of the tenth anniversary of the «National Environmental Prize named after V.I. Vernadsky. The event was attended by over 100 leading academics, representatives of the governing apparatus of state structures and progressive society.

Calendar of Events

International, national and regional scientific and technical meetings, conferences, symposia, meetings, seminars, schools and exhibitions of natural resource and environmental orientation (April, 2014)

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