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2013 / 5

Вид издания:  Сборник статей

Год издания:  2013


General Problems of Nature Management

Environmental regulation of amphibians landscapes

GE.I. Kovaleva, Can.Sc. (Biology), the Center «Ecoterra»

The legal regulation of use and protection of land interconnected with water objects are discussed.

Keywords: water objects, land interconnected with water objects, regulation, protection of amphibians landscapes.

Water Resources

About the system analysis of payment water use in Russia: some actual aspects

A.D. Dumnov, Dr. Sc. (Economy), the National Information Agency «Natural Resources», A.A. Komyagina, the Federal Water Resources Agency

In the system of organisation and management tools to improve environmental protection and use of natural resources (especially water resources) a key position now held by economic methods. This includes a wide range of activities: from the introduction and regulation of charges for use of natural resources to the budget transfers to the relevant needs, from the accelerated depreciation of environmentally friendly/environmental protection fixed assets to total or partial repayment of interest on the target bank loans. Central place in the above block is the problem of how the optimum payments for natural resources use in general and water use (including the protection of water bodies) in particular. The role of statistics and conducted on the basis of its estimates in determining the necessary parameters of payments is extremely high.

Keywords: economics of water use, water tax, charges for water use, payments for negative impact on water resources, preferential taxes, charges and payments, impact of taxes, charges and payments to improve efficiency of water use and protection of water resources.

Land Resources and Soils

Resource-based approach to environmental assessment and standardisation permissible effects on soil (The end of the article. The beginning in bulletin № 4, 2013)

A.V. Smagin, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Biology), the Faculty of Soil Science, the Moscow State University

There are studied problems of criteria and standards for the quality of the soil, as well as algorithms for its environmental and economic assessments using basic resource approach. The theoretical understanding of the methods and models of environmental regulation pressures on the soil in the form of material and energy flows is represented too.

Keywords: environmental regulation, soil quality, resource characteristics of soils, soil environmental assessment.

Biological Resources of Land

Grain farming in Russia (The end of the article. The beginning in bulletin № 4, 2013)

A.I. Klimentiev, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Agricul.), the Institute of Steppe, the Ural Branch, the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

In the article there was made an attempt to trail development of grain farming in Russia on the statistic, scientific and productive basis. It passed a difficult way in its development: there were upwards and drops, errors and mistakes, severe droughts, destroying wars and difficult social problems for people. However, in spite of all this, cereal fields had been living and is still going on to exist in the country. It is happening thanks to Russian farm workers that are creators of all national values, thanks to their strong mind, heavy work and persistence as well as thanks to Russian land that is the keeper and source of any fortune. It is shown that factors like the lack of sensible agricultural policy, short-sighted hunger for saving, which is flourishing in all times, have lead to abandon villages and lands, which are not cultivated only because of the fact there no one lives and works. To lose our villages means to lose roots of Russia. So our future is ripening only in the Russian land, on the Russian fields, thanks to peasant’s work and care.

Keywords: grain farming, federal agricultural policy, Russian village, budgetary maintenance, increase in corn crop, reproduction of land resources.

Climatic Resources

Statistical studying of pollution, qualitative condition and protection of atmospheric air in Russia (The end of the article. The beginning in bulletin № 3 and 4, 2013)

A.D. Dumnov, Dr. Sc. (Economy), D.A. Boriskin, the National Information Agency «Natural Resources», V.A. Rodin, the Federal State Statistics Service

The article was examined the origin and development of the information support of activities on atmospheric air protection in Russia, first of all the genesis of statistical work. There were researched information flows of sanitary supervision and monitoring of the state of air basin in the cities. There was done comprehensive analysis of statistical data, characterizing atmospheric pollution from various anthropogenic sources, and also actions on protection of the air basin. The analysis was given in the long retrospective.

Keywords: atmospheric air, air pollution, the emissions of harmful substances, sources of pollution, the cost (expenditures) of air protecting, payments for pollution

Recreational Resources

The development of protected areas

E.V. Muravyova, the National Information Agency «Natural Resources»

There are data and information on the activities of natural protected areas in Russian Federation in 2012.

Keywords: protected areas, nature reserves (zapovednics), national parks.

Environmental Protection

Methodological problems of environmental data analysis and the ways of its solutions: method of local environmental norms

A.P. Levich, N.G. Bulgakov, E.S. Mil’ko, D.V. Risnik, the Biology Faculty, the Moscow State University

A method for establishing local environmental norms for finding relationships between environmental characteristics, for selecting quality classes in natural ecosystems, for purposes of environmental control, such as assessment and prediction of ecosystem health, diagnostics and standardization of distress causes, for improving monitoring programs, is offered.

Keywords: quality of ecosystems, ecological control, ecosystems, ecological regulation.

Geodesy and Cartography

Classification, mapping and survey of urban soils

T.V. Prokofyeva, Can.Sc. (Biology), I.A. Martynenko, A.S. Yakovlev, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Biology), M.V. Evdokimova, Can.Sc. (Biology), the Soil Science Faculty, the Moscow State University

There is developed the order of soil survey of land, which includes specific rules for mapping urban soils with the development of e-card program in Moscow, system of symbols and uniform system of names of soils, as well as the procedure for determining the environmental quality of the soil. The results of the survey should be material to fill a passport soil of the land and the development of measures to improve the environmental quality of the soil.

Keywords: urban soils, urban soils classification, mapping of urban soils, determining the environmental quality of urban soils.


In the Presidential Administration

In the Federal Assembly

In the Government


International Cooperation

Overview of international environmental statistics and its prospects

E.О. Vos’mirko, Can. Sc. (Economy), the Interstate Statistical Committee, the Commonwealth of Independent States

This article is a revised report, prepared and presented at the XIV April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development (2013). Brief review of the history of ecological statistics, international activities regarding improvement of environment statistics is given. Illustrated is work performed by the Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States on collecting statistical data on environment. The paper analyses questions linked to the work done by the UNECE Joint Task Force on Environmental Indicators.

Keywords: environmental statistics, the Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States, UNECE Joint Task Force on Environmental Indicators, basic principles for the development of environment statistics, compatible environmental information system, Guidelines on the Application of Environmental Indicators in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.

Regional Events

The major threats to the ecological safety of the Siberian Federal District and the measures to neutralize them

S.E. Donskoy, the Minister, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation

This publication is done according to the materials of the report of the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, S.E. Donskoy, at the meeting of the Security Council of the Russian Federation of July 29, 2013.

Keywords: ecological security, Siberian Federal District, ecological situation, levels of exposure, especially protected nature territories, waste, pollution.

Human Society and Nature

About a radical restructuring of the state environmental policy

A.K. Veselov, Can.Sc. (Juridic.), the Union of Ecologists, the Republic of Bashkortostan

The article on the eve of IV All-Russian Congress of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Bashkortostan for example, analyses the current environmental situation of the adoption of the Resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the USSR Council of Ministers «On the fundamental restructuring of the nature of business in the country» from 7.01.1988 № 32 and made specific suggestions for its conduct .

Keywords: environmental protection, environmental policy, environmental situation, environmental laws; environmental organisations.

Calendar of Events

International, national and regional scientific and technical meetings, conferences, symposia, meetings, seminars, schools and exhibitions of natural resource and environmental orientation (November, 2013)

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