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2013 / 3

Вид издания:  Сборник статей

Год издания:  2013


General Problems of Nature Management

«Greening» of Russian business: implementation of international voluntary standards for environmental risk management (The continuation. The beginning in bulletin № 2, 2013)

E.A. Schwarts, Dr.Sc. (Geograp.), A.Ju. Knijnikov, Ju.P. Bunina, A.I. Voropaev, A.R. Moiseev, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia

There are described dynamics of the use of Russian companies such voluntary mechanisms of environmental responsibility as an environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and non-financial reporting in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), a voluntary forest certification (FSC) and the voluntary certification of marine biological resources (MSC). Also there are showed a progressive trend of increasing use of voluntary international standards in the key industries of the environmental impact of the Russian economy. With the integration of the Russian economy in the global and joining the leading international economic communities trend towards higher and lower-corruption voluntary environmental standards for industry leaders to continue. Leading Russian companies, whose activities go beyond national borders and trying to use the tools of international finance, will be forced to introduce the practice of corporate governance these approaches. Recommendations for government incentives environmental responsibility and improve the competitiveness of Russian companies are provided.

Keywords: «greening» of business, international voluntary standards, environmental responsibility, environmental management, environmental risks, environmental certification.

Mineral Resources

Problems of development of the mineral resources sector

V.I. Kashin, the Academician, the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (RAAS), the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Natural Resources Use and Environment

This article is based on materials from speech by the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Natural Resources Use and Environment, the Academician of RAAS V.I. Kashin in the morning session of the State Duma, March 13, 2013.

Keywords: mineral resources, mineral resources sector, energy resources, reserves growth, extraction of minerals.

Water Resources

Environmental regulation of water bodies

L.S. Ponomareva, the Federal Centre for Analysis and Evaluation of the of Man-made Impact, the Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision (Rostekhnadzor)

There are an overview and a critical analysis of the quality system regulation of natural and waste water treatment in the Russian Federation. The comparison of numerical values of water quality standards in Russia, EU, Canada and in the United States were done. A system for organising and setting principles discharge standards substances from sewage in the Russian Federation was described. A brief analysis of its efficiency with suggestions for improving the system of rationing was done too.

Keywords: environmental regulation, water facilities, quality of natural and waste water treatment, water quality standards, discharge standards with wastewater, exposure limits for wastewater.

Land Resources and Soils

The cost valuation of environmental damage due to the degradation and pollution of soils

O.E Medvedeva, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Economy), the State University of Management

The article presents a methodology for the valuation of the harm caused to the environment due to the degradation and pollution of soil and land. Technique is formulated with the latest approaches applicable to international practice in this area, and is to count the cost of cleaning up soil acceptable for the intended use level.

Keywords: evaluation of environmental damage, damage cost valuation, land degradation, soil contamination, past environmental damage, costs of soils cleanup.

Biological Resources of Land (Biodiversity)

Ecology-genetically diagnosing the condition and the length of the population existence in ecosystems

V.M. Makeeva, Dr.Sc. (Biology), the Museum of the Science of the Earth, A.V. Smurov, Dr.Sc. (Biology), the Museum of the Science of the Earth and Ecocenter, the Moscow State University

Ecology-genetic diagnosing of the population condition includes: assessing the diversity of genofund and prognosing the length of the population existence which is made on the basis of their efficient number.

Keywords: eсodiagnostik, ecological and genetic diagnostic, diversity of genofond, biodiversity of ecosystem.

Water Biological Resources

Fisheries management in the open waters of the North Arctic Ocean

I.V. Mikhno, the Committee on Fisheries, the Chukotka Autonomous Region

The article discusses the possible effects of climate change in the Arctic Basin and the interest of coastal states in the adoption of joint measures to control fishing in the open waters of the North Arctic Ocean.

Keywords: North Arctic Ocean, fishing, global warming, IUU fishing, international agreements, aquatic resources.

Climatic Resources

Statistical studying of pollution, qualitative condition and protection of atmospheric air in Russia

A.D. Dumnov, Dr.Sc. (Economy), D.A. Boriskin, National Information Agency «Natural Resources», V.A. Rodin, the Federal State Statistics Service

The article was examined the origin and development of the information support of activities on atmospheric air protection in Russia, first of all the genesis of statistical work. There were researched information flows of sanitary supervision and monitoring of the state of air basin in the cities. There was done comprehensive analysis of statistical data, characterizing atmospheric pollution from various anthropogenic sources, and also actions on protection of the air basin. The analysis was given in the long retrospective.

Keywords: atmospheric air, air pollution, the emissions of harmful substances, sources of pollution, the cost (expenditures) of air protecting, payments for pollution

Recreational Resources

Real state and perspectives to development of specially protected natural areas in the North-Eastern Caucasus

H.Sh. Zaburaeva, Cand.Sc. (Geograph.), E.V. Krasnov, Prof.-Dr.Sc.(Geology), the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Assessment of the current status of specially protected natural areas and objects of North-Eastern Caucasus is examined in the article. Disparity their declared legal and actual status is revealed. The authors presents some recommendations on development and optimisation of the specially protected natural areas.

Keywords: protected areas, recreation resources, regions of Caucasus, optimisation of nature use, sustainable development.

Environmental Protection

Theoretical aspects of environmental regulation

E.L. Vorobeichik, Dr. Sc. (Biology), the Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, the Ural Branch, the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)

In the article are considered problems that are important for the development of generalising the theory of environmental regulation, as well as an attempt to present the basic theoretical principles environmental regulation (ecovaluation).

Keywords: environmental regulation, environmental standards, ecosystem, environmental pressures, the maximum allowable environmental pressures.

Geodesy and Cartography

Classification, mapping and survey of urban soils

T.V. Prokofyeva, Can.Sc. (Biology), I.A. Martynenko, A.S. Yakovlev, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Biology), M.V. Evdokimova, Can.Sc. (Biology), the Soil Science Faculty, the Moscow State University

There is developed the order of soil survey of land, which includes specific rules for mapping urban soils with the development of e-card program in Moscow, system of symbols and uniform system of names of soils, as well as the procedure for determining the environmental quality of the soil. The results of the survey should be material to fill a passport soil of the land and the development of measures to improve the environmental quality of the soil.

Keywords: urban soils, urban soils classification, mapping of urban soils, determining the environmental quality of urban soils.


In the Presidential Administration

In the Federal Assembly

In the Government



Living matter of the biosphere: evolutionary aspect (to the 150-th anniversary of the birth of V.I. Vernadsky) (The continuation. The beginning in bulletin № 1, 2013)

V.V. Snakin, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Biology), the Institute of Fundamental Problems of Biology, the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), the Moscow State University

There are summarises the main laws of the development of the living matter of the biosphere in order to understand the evolution of modern features and identify the role of people. There are analysed the current global trend of environmental processes from the perspective of the laws of development autogenous (self development) too. Available data show that the modern evolution of ecosystems is yet to autogenous way and do not have sufficient scientific basis for the assertion of the occurrence of the global environmental crisis. The problems of modern environmental alarmism and the concept of sustainable development are also discussed.

Keywords: V.I. Vernadsky, biosphere, noosphere, evolution, global environmental processes, environmental alarmism, sustainable development.

International Cooperation

Environmental and technological challenges of the modern civilization and their perception of the Union State of Belarus and Russia

S.A. Stepanov, Prof.-Dr.Sc. (Pedagog.), the International Independent University of Environmental and Political Sciences (Academy MNEPU)

In the article are considered problems and prospects of the technological revolution in information and communication technologies and their impact on the nature of the changes in the interaction between man and nature, the prospects for environmental protection and conservation, the willingness of the Union State (Belarus and Russia) society to reduce the negative consequences of globalisation. Through the prism of human factors is studied environmental mood of the population and comparative governance indicators in Russia, Belarus and other countries to ensure a decent standard of living and human development, which are essential to the restructuring of relations between human society and nature.

Keywords: globalisation and information and communication technology, environmental protection and resource management, advanced technology, civilisational values of nature, eco-minded, decent standard of living, human development, development of the person in cooperation with nature.

Human Society and Nature

Opinion of experts on social-ecological problems of recreation territories in the Union State (Belarus and Russia)

I.A. Sosunova, Prof.-Dr. Sc. (Sociol.), All-Russian Research Institute of an Industrial Art

Paper is based on the empirical sociological research (2012). There is the assessment of a condition and actual problems of especially protected natural territories in Belarus and Russia.

Keywords: social-ecological system, social-ecological phenomena, environmental problems, recreational resources, natural zone, expert survey.

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